Student Profile

Ashton Seip, 2017

During her 3L year, Ashton interned with Equinix in Silicon Valley for seven months through the Tech Lawyer Accelerator program. After graduation, she returned to Equinix, the world's largest data center and colocation provider, as a member of the OneLegal Commercial Transactions Team.

While at Colorado Law, Ashton took advantage of many Silicon Flatirons and related activities[1].

How has Silicon Flatirons influenced your career path?

The greatest opportunities I had in law school came through Silicon Flatirons, specifically my experience in the Tech Lawyer Accelerator as a seven-month intern with Equinix. I worked full-time in Silicon Valley, learning the business, participating in corporate negotiations, and drafting policies and agreements. Before graduation, I had almost a year's worth of actual legal experience, something most law students can't say. I love what I do, and I have Silicon Flatirons to thank for that.

Silicon Flatirons helped me…

... become confident in my legal skills. I'm excited and ready to become a practicing attorney after my involvement with Silicon Flatirons.

Any advice you’d give to fellow Colorado Law students?

Your character, integrity, and work ethic matter far more than your GPA ever will.


Colorado Technology Law Journal, Tech Lawyer Accelerator program, Deming Center Venture Fund, LawMeets Transactional Regional in Dallas, and the Tech Policy Challenge. She also volunteered at many Silicon Flatirons events and won the Silicon Flatirons Award throughout law school.