Entrepreneurship Initiative

Silicon Flatirons catalyzes connections across the CU Boulder campus and the Front Range startup community. We provide opportunities for entrepreneurs, students, and legal and business professionals to convene, exchange ideas, and learn through educational events, programs, and competitions.

Three principles[1] have guided our efforts the past 10 years as we have made an impact[2] on the Colorado technology community.


Crash Course
Entrepreneurs Unplugged
Blackstone Entrepreneurs Network
Campus Programs
Startup Summer

The success of this initiative would not have been possible without the support and contributions of these generous community members[8].


Guiding Principles

  • Connect town and gown. CU Boulder + Startup community.

  • Collapse the campus. Convene individuals across disciplines.

  • Inspire an entrepreneurial mindset. Have fun.



Mike Boucher
Dan Caruso
David Cohen
Tim Connor
Elizabeth Cook
Howard Diamond
Dave DuPont
Jason Eckenroth
Tim Enwall
Julian Farrior
Brad Feld
Matt Gorr
Sue Heilbronner
David Jilk
John Kembel
Laura Kornish
Richard B. Levin
Krista Marks
Kevin McGuire
Jason Mendelson
Bill Mooz
Jonathan B. Musser
Zach Nies
Nancy Pierce
Mike Platt
Lisa Reeves
Trish Rogers
Jennifer Rosenthal
Daniel Sherwinter
Joe Zell